CAPIC 2016 - 2018 Donors:
Leonard Albanese, Jr.
Allan Alpert
American Red Cross
American Training, Inc. - LARE
Dolores Benoit
Kathleen Callahan
Angie Catrone
Dennis & Regina Collyer
Community Reinvestment Associates, Inc.
Richelle Cromwell
James Cunningham
Committee for Bob DeLeo
Committee to Elect Ira Novoselsky
Committee to Elect John Powers
Double Tree by Hilton
Caroline Ellenbird
Deb Fallon – Portal to Hope
Lisette Frometa/Chelsea Police Dept.
Thom Gilligan
Cary Havey
Sergio Jaramillo
Kids Clothes Club
John Letizia
Edgar Lopez, Boston Paper
Richard Mageary
Marine Toys for Tots
Gerald McCue
National Grid
New Life Christian Center Chelsea
Julia Newhall
Michael Nicastro
Mike Overland
Joseph Perlatonda
Kathi-Anne Reinstein
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Bob Repucci
Revere Housing Authority
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Salem Five Charitable Foundation
William Schmidt
Jonathan & Jonina Schonfeld
Sheehan Family
Laura Spitz
Jeffrey Stone
Ming Sun
TAZ Enterprises
Gladys Valentin-Agneta
Winthrop Fire Department (Chief Paul Flanagan)
Wolfgang Family
Wyndham Hotel

Welcome to CAPIC

The mission of CAPIC is to identify and address the needs, problems and concerns of those in poverty and to enable the individually poor to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency. In fulfilling its mission, CAPIC will actively stimulate the creation and promotion of the processes and programs necessary to identify and eradicate poverty.

Government Shutdown Information

January 20, 2018
All CAPIC offices will be open for business on Monday and throughout the Government shutdown until further notice. We will continue to provide heating assistance services, Head Start, Child Development/After School services, as well as Housing Assistance, Emergency services, Representative Payee and Tax Prep services; Family Network, Mobile Outreach Team and Substance Use Disorders wraparound services. We will endeavor to remain open and provide full services as long as possible.

Help for Hurricane Victims in Puerto Rico

October 17, 2017

Community Action Agencies stand ready to help families who have come here from Puerto Rico. Click here to find your local agency.

Community Action Partnership, the national nonprofit that strengthens, promotes, represents and serves the network of member Community Action Agencies across the country, has set up a fund to help hurricane victims and support CAA staff. You can select the specific state/territory where you want the funds to go or make no designation and add the funds to the overall pool. Click here to donate.

CAPIC designated as CoC - BoS Homeless Provider

May 17, 2017

CAPIC, the local anti-poverty agency has been designated by the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) as the official Continuum of Care -Balance of State Homeless Provider for Chelsea, Revere, and Winthrop. Given this official designation, CAPIC is commissioned to assume responsibility to coordinate homelessness prevention activities for Chelsea, Revere and Winthrop, which includes outreach to identify unsheltered homeless individuals and foster relationships with them in an effort to encourage these individuals to accept additional resources, shelter, and housing; CAPIC will screen unsheltered homeless persons for mainstream resources and assist them with the application process; and assist unsheltered homeless persons access emergency shelter.

In this role, CAPIC, in conjunction with DHCD will also coordinate the Annual Point-In-Time Count, and organize volunteer efforts for counting unsheltered persons in Chelsea, Revere, and Winthrop. CAPIC is grateful for the opportunity to increase direct services for those in need and improve the quality of life for homeless individuals.

Letter Regarding Fuel Assistance Program

March 27 2017

You have probably been reading or hearing about the new budget that the President just proposed. You may also have heard about some of what it does. We have reviewed it and are writing to let you know that we strongly oppose it, because it would hurt the people that Community Action Programs Inter-City, Incorporated (CAPIC) is dedicated to serving – you, your family, your friends and neighbors.