CAPIC Public Saftey Program

In 1995 CAPIC was commissioned by the City of Revere to prepare grant applications for the municipality, specifically the Revere Police Department. CAPIC continues to provide these same services for the City and the Police Department. It should be noted that during this time CAPIC has also prepared applications for the Revere Housing Authority as well as the Revere School Department, the Wakefield Police Department, and the Boston and Maine Railroad Police Department. CAPIC has extensive experience and expertise in public safety, law enforcement, social service contract management, and all aspects of planning and program implementation. CAPIC performs writing, research, analysis, and full preparation of all state and federal applications for the City of Revere including budgets. CAPIC has worked on numerous initiatives such as: community policing, homeland security, Governor’s Highway Safety Bureau grants, traffic enforcement, COPS in Schools, COPS Hiring, domestic violence prevention and awareness, gang prevention, and juvenile delinquency prevention.

This formal contract has been instrumental in fostering solid working relationships with other local (human service) agencies and service providers, hence broadening the scope of services available for CAPIC clients, while at the same time strengthening crime prevention partnerships, encouraging community participation, and improving the quality of life for CAPIC clients. CAPIC has worked directly with the City of Revere, in particular the Revere Police Department to expand community-wide opportunities to increase public safety and provide services to at-risk youth. CAPIC has a formal working relationship with the Revere Police Department and has worked on numerous initiatives with the Department. In turn, CAPIC developed an informal relationship with the Revere Police Activities League (P.A.L.); leasing space to the program at CAPIC's Irene O'Connell Center facility in Revere.

However, since FY'09 CAPIC has worked closely with the Revere Police Activities League (P.A.L.), forming a formal partnership with the program. Currently, CAPIC and the Revere Police Department are working together to provide the P.A.L. Program. CAPIC serves as the fiscal conduit for P.A.L. and maintains oversight of the program in partnership with the police department. CAPIC is also the applicant for both the Shannon Grant and Suffolk County District Attorney’s Asset Forfeiture Program Grant.

The Revere Police Department established the Police Activities League as an alternative activity for at-risk and low-income youth to resist peer pressure. The primary goal of the P.A.L. Program is to decrease the use/abuse of drugs, the negative consequences of drug abuse, youth violence, and delinquent behaviors in youth. The program is offered at no cost and is designed to establish trusting relationships between police and youth. It has been proven that P.A.L. fosters self-esteem and promotes positive attitudes among youth, while at the same time generates leadership skills, and reduces dysfunctional behaviors and negative dependencies. The Revere P.A.L. Program incorporates peer leadership, anti-gang, substance abuse, life skills/decision making, and safety/community awareness components and has provided hundreds of at-risk youth with positive structured activities and support.