Fuel Assistance Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I qualify for the Fuel Assistance Program?
An application must be processed at CAPIC and documentation of gross income for everyone in the household over 18 years of age must be performed. A fuel certifier will determine eligibility based on state guidelines on different levels of income. Each year the guidelines change the amount of money that a client receives and is determined by the state government.
How much money will I be eligible for?
Eligibility is based on the gross income of the client. The amount you receive from CAPIC depends upon the individuals' earnings. The money that you are eligible for from CAPIC is based upon a scale of poverty levels which determines the amount of money that you receive. The scale is 100%, 125% 150%, 175%, and 200%.
How does the heating bill get paid?
If you qualify, the heating bill will start to get paid from November 1st through April 30th, or until the eligible amount runs out. The money is paid directly to the heating vendor (oil, gas, or electric).
Do I have to report income, such as pensions, interest, annuities or any other assets?
Yes, this is all considered part of your annual gross income, and CAPIC is required to document all income, regardless of the source.
Will I be notified of my eligibility right away?
CAPIC has 45 days to notify you about your eligibility. If you have all of the documentation required in the checklist at the time of your appointment, the fuel certifier will do an on-line application, and you could be approved before you leave the office. If your documents are incomplete, your application is held up until the documentation is complete, verified and processed. All information from the clients is very important to qualify the fuel assistance application in a timely manner.