CAPIC is currently seeking personnel for the following positions:

Responsible Payee Director

Our mid-size non-profit is seeking an enthusiastic professional to join our diverse and dedicated management team. The Responsible Payee Director is responsible to oversee the payee department operations and program staff. The Director will ensure that the appropriate and required systems are in place in order to best serve client’s needs and will provide assessment and appropriate follow-up services to clients to address: crisis intervention, substance abuse, financial, legal and health-related issues. The Director will maintain community partnerships and facilitate appropriate referrals on client’s behalf.

  • Develop, monitor, supervise and evaluate client plans to achieve goals and the success of reaching these goals.
  • Serve as liaison with the Social Security Administration.
  • Conduct case management meetings with the payee department
  • Conduct intake for new and returning payees
  • Prepare budgets for clients
  • Distribute benefits on monthly basis to the payee clients
  • Initiate check disbursement requests to accounting department
  • Maintain regular contact with payees to determine current needs
  • Participate in weekly/monthly Management Team Meetings
  • Prepare and submit reports as required by Social Security Administration
  • Assist clients in completing Social Security Administration reviews
  • Provide weekly report to CAPIC Executive Director

  • Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • 5 years-experience in non-profit management
  • Strong advocacy & outreach skills needed, minimum of 5 years
  • Experience using computerized systems (Excel, RPM client ledger)
  • Good communication skills and ability to work with staff
  • Case management and organizational skills

  • Health, dental, vision, 403B, FSA, Aflac, vacation, personal and sick days
  • Competitive salary and benefits

Bilingual Caseworker (Part-time - 15 hours per week)

Community Action Programs Inter-City, Inc. (CAPIC) is seeking an individual who will coordinate the delivery of comprehensive critical services to individuals who are dealing with substance use disorders. The Bilingual Caseworker will work to coordinate all placement activities for emergency, transitional, and permanent housing to at-risk clients. It is essential that the candidate be bilingual, proficient in verbal and written communication skills and be familiar with the demographic and cultural characteristics of the client population.

Primary Functions Include:
  • Conduct intake assessment with clients
  • Conduct sober house visits (as needed)
  • Prepare weekly written reports as well as quarterly reports
  • Maintain accurate client records
  • Coordinate placement activities for emergency, transitional, and permanent housing for clients
  • Assist in the coordination of aftercare services with facilities (detox, holdings, TSS, CSS, Hospitals, etc.)
  • Assist in the distribution of food and basic necessities at the Selah Resource Center
  • Engage client post detox and recovery
  • Assist Selah Resource Center post COVID-19
  • Participate in Naloxone (Narcan) training
  • Assist with outreach work throughout the city of Chelsea. Individual must have a valid driver’s license to operate CAPIC’s SUDS vehicle

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Valid Massachusetts Driver’s License
  • Bilingual in Spanish required
  • Proven experience working with street-involved persons
  • Good verbal and written skills
  • Computer skills
  • Work one night a week in the evenings, as needed

Mail cover letter, refrences, and Resumes to:

Richelle Cromwell (careers@capicinc.org)
Executive Director
100 Everett Ave., Unit 14
Chelsea, MA 02150
Equal Employment Opportunity.